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I can't say enough good about my CPX-2. Honestly I have only shot about 50 rds. through it ( hey,I'm on a budget and the last time I checked,ammo costs money). No issues whatsoever. My first wife's father called me up last month and asked me to help him purchase a home protection handgun. He's a retired law enforcement officer from the wheelgun era. He said to be on the lookout for a .38 spc. revolver for under $300 new or used. I suggested the CPX-2 because #1 it was only $230 brand new. #2 Comes with a trigger lock & 2 keys. #3 it has 2 10 rd magazines. #4 9mm is the 2nd most popular round on the planet. #5 Cost. 9mm is one of the most affordable to shoot calibers around. #6 9mm cartridge technology is at an all time peak efficiency and not to brutal on recoil allowing faster follow up shots. The CPX-2 is small enough as to not be to cumbersome for his old,small, frail hands. He should be okay with the heavy DA only trigger pull because of his experience with revolvers over the years.
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