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I'm not a big fan.

1. You're going to have more explaining to do if you kill someone in self defense. Sad, but true.
True, but it isn't that hard. A simple explanation of decibels and hearing loss is all it takes. And you and your family will still retain their hearing.

2. You might as well have a carbine length rifle if you are going to keep your suppressor attached to your pistol. Where are you going to store it?
Many people do have a carbine length rifle for home defense. There are different storage solutions. A person just has to find the right one for them.

3. Too much bulky junk on the muzzle for my liking especially in a defensive situation.
Personal issue.

4. You're not really going to store the suppressor unattached from the pistol and think you will be able to assemble everything and get a shot off in time. Israeli carry is bad enough, but this would be absurd!

See 2 above. It just requires the right storage solution.

5. Are you really going to use subsonic ammo for home defense???
147 grain 9mm and 230 gr .45 are subsonic. So that isn't particularly crazy. Even supersonic, a suppressor will bring the noise down substantially, putting your hearing at much less risk.

]6. Guns with suppressors can be finicky - not something I'd want to fart around with in a defensive situation.
You can say the same thing about many unsuppressed guns. You have to test your defensive weapon and be sure that it will function properly...suppressor or no suppressor.
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