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I'm not a big fan.

1. You're going to have more explaining to do if you kill someone in self defense. Sad, but true.

2. You might as well have a carbine length rifle if you are going to keep your suppressor attached to your pistol. Where are you going to store it?

3. Too much bulky junk on the muzzle for my liking especially in a defensive situation.

4. You're not really going to store the suppressor unattached from the pistol and think you will be able to assemble everything and get a shot off in time. Israeli carry is bad enough, but this would be absurd!

5. Are you really going to use subsonic ammo for home defense???

6. Guns with suppressors can be finicky - not something I'd want to fart around with in a defensive situation.

Here's the bottom line. Use regular old 9mm or .45 ACP for home defense. Don't use .40 or 10mm if you are concerned about hearing damage. You won't go deaf firing 9mm or .45 a few times without hearing protection. In fact (and here's where everyone will tell me to "shut up") if you are using 45 or 9mm for home protection, you aught to fire a couple of rounds without hearing protection just so that your brain will know how loud it is. Trust me, you don't want to do this with 10mm.
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