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double naught spy, your assertions are ridiculous. The only reason it all worked, and I avoided having to sue to recover thousands of dollars, is that the driver in question admitted guilt instead of denying it.

I left my vehicle in place after the accident, and hers was moved. The fact that the measurements and position were completely screwed up even on the vehicle that remained stationary shows that the report itself was deeply flawed. Afterwards, I was told by the reporting officer who filed an admittedly badly flawed report that my only recourse was filing a lawsuit and proving that the information presented was incorrect.

how can you call this the correct outcome? If the other driver had chosen to deny responsibility, the aggrieved party would have lost the game!

And yes, this is relevant to any event when a citizen draws the attention of police. Witnesses will be taken at their word, no matter what they say. diagrams and scene reproductions will be approximate and maybe inaccurate. Your own words may be improperly reported. You will be entering court with almost certainly flawed sources of information.

If this isn't sufficiently clear, I don't know how to fix it for you.

It is a fact. Looking at the records of overturned convictions and other indications that errors occur, people should be afraid of becoming involved with the legal system.
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