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My wife carries a ruger LCP 380 with a lasermax trigger guard. It's a tiny little gun which actually fits nicely into a cell phone holster if she wants to outer carry. It also pocket carries very well and comes with a pocket holster. It's about the same size as my cell phone so pocket carry is no problem.

I carry a walther pps, it shoots like a full size pistol and most people proclaim it has one of the best factory triggers for a double action. It carries well on me, but i'm 5'9" 160lbs male. I can wear loose fitting clothes, we tried my pps on my wife, who is 5'6" 110lbs and because women wear such tighter form fitting clothing, it was showing unless she wore a regular t-shirt or regular jeans. Of course she chose the clothes over protection, she'd rather die looking sexy rather than protecting herself.

With the ruger LCP, she can wear an IWB holster and super tight close, the gun will show, but doesn't look like a gun at all. Just looks like some round object because it's so small. 380 doesn't have the knockdown power, but a few shots to the chest will allow you to run to saftey, they won't be following you.
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