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Nice powerpoint there! Most of the construction data was stuff I've read, but the photos are a great help.

The one real eye opener that I hadn't heard was that FFL holders can make their own suppressors without filing the form 1. I know this is going to come up in conversation with my Father since he's held an FFL for the last 40 years or so. I'm assuming that FFL holders can't manufacture suppressors for sale, only for personal use right?

For what it's worth, My thoughts for starting out with one of the fake's was two fold. 1) the finish would be better than I can achieve without going through another learning curve and 2) it would eliminate one assembly operation. Since the barrel adapter and tube would be a single uint I figured that getting rid of the welded joint would make one less place to get misalignment during the construction. I could start with a solid bar, tap it, and bore it out to the same effect. Not sure if it's really worth the effort vs. welding either way.

Also, do the suppressors have to be made in such a way that they can't be disassembled? I was thinking of threading the muzzle-end cap.

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