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Fun and Games!

Then if you hold your loads to under 20 gr you will have a ball! Some who shun the Brass framed revolvers as weak but if you use common sense and a powder measure, you will be safe. Shoot only round balls to protect the frame from heavy bullet recoil. Stick with real BP if you can or load the substitutes by VOLUME not weight.
You can get many years of good service from a Brasser!
Besides when shined-up, they are Pretty to look at!
Most old '51 Navy repro's are .44 cal and some few are .36's. In either, load light! Coo becauselt never made a .44 in that revolver. It's OK though because the big .44's are easy to score!
Have fun but most of all load safely and use either over the powder felt wads or grease over the balls to prevent chainfires.
Welcome to the Hobby and have fun!
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