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Bersa Thunder 380 vs. Beretta 85 Cheetah,,,

I see these guns come up in threads all the time,,,
In most cases people think the Beretta Cheetah is much bigger than a Bersa 380.

It simply not true.

I think there is some kind of optical illusion clouding the Beretta,,,
People think it is huge until they see a side by side comparison.

Here is a pic of my Bersa Thunder 380 and my Beretta Cheetah side by side.

As you can see the Beretta is not even 1/4 inch longer that the Bersa,,,
All the other dimensions are so similar that they feel the same in my hands.

This past Sunday I took them out for a dance,,,
50 perfectly functioning shots for each gun,,,
I think I like the Cheetah a teensy more,,,
But they are both excellent performers.

If the Cheetah only had a de-cocker,,,
I would qualify as my perfect pistol.


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