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i really dont know what you guys are talking about, I took my dad's high point .380 to the range once just to take a look, I have no idea how old it was or how many rounds were put through it but jammed frequently, well i guess more stovepipes but the accuracy was terrible. 10 yards id aim dead center, first round about 4" low and left, ok i didnt expect much. The next shot aimed at the same spot, maybe a foot staight low? All the rest of the shots danced aound those areas, I felt like the round had troubles making it there. I have no idea what that was about. I'll trust my revolvers, cz's, glock's, sig's and H&k's anyday. I dont know much about high point but with that beat up old gun, I wasnt impressed. itll work if your close but id prefer just about any other weapon, possibly even a knife.
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