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"I actually agree it makes more sense to split tactical/hunting/target, but those all mix a lot also."

Exactly, which is why we didn't try use that sort of nebulous, ill-defined, and constantly changing benchmark to set the sections.

Quite literally, one person's tactical is another person's horrendous-embarassment-before-man-and-God-with-97-pieces-of-bolt-on-crap rifle.

And if I DO have a "tactical" rifle, but I want to use it for hunting or target shooting, where should that be posted?

Mechanism type is a LOT clearer, simply because you're not going to have a lever-actuated semi-automatic single shot bolt action.

Yes, you can have some hybrids in there, like a Ballard single-shot lever action, or a bolt-action AR-15 type, but those are dramatic exceptions that, in this case, do not prove the rule.

Similarly, at its very heart, TFL is a generalist's forum, and because we've chosen to be a forum about the entirety of the firearms universe, we're not going to start sprouting firearm-specific forums.

Yes, we know that people really would like an AR-15 only forum, or a Glock only forum, or a 1911 only forum, but that's simply not going to happen.
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