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Legal System Can Crucify Self Defense Shooter

I have a concealed carry permit in NM, and have read extensively about arrests and cases filed around the country against those who have used their carry weapon in self defense. It's scary to read about huge legal bills, people losing their homes and more.

However, there are too many instances of people taking a plea bargain and admitting guilt at some level simply because the don't have the resources to hire competent defense. I spent a whole lot of time and money researching the various "insurance" policies or methods of insuring some kind of defense if you use your firearm in self defense, especially outside the walls of your home.

After buying multiple "policies," and still not feeling well covered, I found two resources that make me feel like I would at least have expert defense paid for if the worst happens. I don't work for these organizations, nor do I receive anything from them for writing about them. Take advantage of the time and money I've spent and read my article about this type of insurance here. You don't have to spend that much to feel more confident if you must use your gun in self defense.
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