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having been the subject of harassment by Paul Babeu and the Pinal County AZ SO, I under stand the frustration you experienced.

In a recent incident, a 15 year old male attacked his mother. The mother is disabled and weighs maybe 100 pounds. In fear for her life she fired two rounds from a 25 cal baby browning. She missed.

She was charged with multiple counts.

The Officer totally ignored the following:

1. The boy had earlier assaulted his mother. He had been place with another family and was instructed not to return to the home until his father returned the next day.
2. The boy, late at night, broke into the house. Witness's observed the break in and reported it to the Investigator.
3. He was armed with a concealed K-Bar knife. The did not search him even though he admitted he had a knife.
4. She had severe bruises on her body from the beating. No pictures were taken.
5. They booked her under a fictitious name and date of birth even though the report had her real name and date of birth. It took three days to locate her in the jail. The SO denied that she was in fact in custody.
6. A months supply of pain medication was removed by the officer and never booked into evidence.
7. To date they have spent $17,000 and will probably loose their home.

Her husband is a vocal opponent of Sheriff Paul Babeu. The Officer had been a part of the harassment team which has routinely conducted illegal wiretapping, Illegal searches, and generally harassed her and her husband over a period of three years.

She now faces 7 to 21 years in prison. The prosecution is pay back for her husbands Political speech.

Should the citizens of Pinal County AZ trust their Local Law Enforcement? Make your own decision but I don't.

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