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Hey Frankenmauser, are you drying with the oven set on low, or is it the top burners, explain this contraption.
I don't use heat. I have the fan sitting on the stove because I can lay it flat, but still have generous air flow (it's a 5-burner gas stove with a two-piece grill that covers the whole stove). I could accomplish the same thing by setting it on top of some upturned glasses or a couple 2x4s on edge, but the stove is easier.

As for the 'contraption'...
It's just the prepared meat strips placed in the folds of clean furnace filters, strapped to a box fan. If I run the same meat in the furnace filters and a standard dehydrator (set to 105 degrees) at the same time, the fan and filters method only takes about an hour longer. However... it never warms up. So, I can package as soon as the jerky is done, without the rest time required with heated setups.

If I planned to reuse those filters for drying meat, I would have bought 20x20s to fit the fan better. But, I buy filters that fit my furnace. When I need to make more jerky, I'll buy new filters.
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