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I agree the system is fraught with errors and corruption. I do believe most officers are well intended and usually honest but as much as anyone else there are bad apples and they do have a position of unique power.

I cant count how many times I have seen squad car lights and sirens come on to get through a stop light. Police speeding past the speed limit in pursuit of nothing and more... Still I think many are honorable...

My personal experience with the court system comes from child support and in my singular experience I found that even though I was the custodial parent since my kids were very, very young no penal action would be taken against the nonpaying mother even though she hasn’t paid a dime in almost a decade. My personal appearance and mountains of documented proof means nothing when a judge decides otherwise.

I have an inch think pile of senators and congress people I have written along with attorney general offices of various states, and even the US District Attorney... None of it ever changed one thing except it took my time to write the letters and include copies of my assertions.

I finally got to the point concerning one judge I sent every member of the towns ethics board a copy of his order and a synopsis of what had happened previously and a copy from the court certifying she hadn’t paid in almost a decade... I heard a bit back from that but other than laughs about putting his honor on the spot it changed nothing, he retired and the next guy didn’t do anything different. (I have no idea if my letters had anything to do with his retirement or not.)

So yes some think our system is the best in the world.. I myself highly doubt it. Things will not get better until we the people use our votes and our time to make it better unfortunately most people are only interested when something affects them. How many people can spout off all kinds of sports stuff and have no idea about what laws are being passed and what the effect of those laws will be. I’m not against sports but I do think being a citizen comes with duties we have to uphold...

So yes the system is often poor but still many honorable people serve it and us.
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