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Fishing_Cabin Quote:
Originally Posted by Sponge14
So if I get the chief of police of an agency to say that they want to demo a rifle that I purchase, I can purchase the rifle and keep it forever?

There's nothing stopping me from getting my FFL, other than the fact that I don't need it for anything other than the possibility of purchasing a demo rifle (other than maybe doing some transfers here and there...)
Beyond getting an FFL, you must be doing business, meaning doing transfers or selling firearms to have a FFL.

If you are obtaining an FFL just to aquire firearms, it is doubtful if you will get your FFL, and also doubtful if you will keep said FFL. Even less though when dealing with SOT firearms.

If you want to sell or transfer firearms as a business to make a few bucks or more, thats what an FFL is for. You can purchase a firearm with your FFL for yourself, and transfer it to yourself. I would advise you to be careful though if you are mainly going to get an FFL just for your own purchases.
Don't forget the wrath that will come down when ATF finds out the only NFA transactions you have done with your SOT are to yourself.......its called tax evasion.
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