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Originally Posted by wncchester
(edited for brevity) IF I had to replace my Rock Chucker tomorrow that's what I'd get.
I have it from a guy I met on another forum that the Redding Big Boss has more leverage than the RockChucker (though he didn't specify by how much). If I were to replace my RockChucker, I am not sure what press would get the nod.

I do agree that the Lee Classic Cast has some very good features, among them the spent primer handling and the best on-press priming system I have ever seen.

The Lee Classic Cast appears to have the same bottom end as my Lee Classic Turret, indicating the same leverage for both presses. If I were to want to handload large rifle cartridges, I might want more. Despite the expense, I would look long and hard at the Forster, but not rule out anyone else's offerings.

But I am not about to even think about replacing my beloved RC.

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