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general suppressor questions

I know next to nothing about suppressors.

My primary interest in them is in home defense.

If you had to fire your weapon indoors it would be deafening.

I understand the laws regarding suppressors.

Can they be used on different weapons or is a suppressor on a 9mm only going to work on a 9mm?

How about from a rifle to a pistol caliber? Can they be used on different weapons?

Can an auto-pistol just have the barrel swapped out for a threaded barrel?

How about a rifle?

Sorry for the naiive Q's but I'm just thinking out loud here.

Saving your life by using a weapon indoors if it's the only option is no doubt the best decision if you value your life. However, you may then be left with a life time of hearing loss or ringing ears. So if I end up looking into this more, I'd want to buy one that would serve multiple purposes if possible.

If I'm over estimating the hearing loss from a home defense shooting, let me know that as well.
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