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Single stage or two presses

What quantities do you consider to be small and what's your budget? Will you set up permanently or take down your gear after each reloading session?

Progressive presses are not meant for small amounts. Caliber switching is more trouble than it's worth to make small runs.

The magnum rifle cartridges beg for a single stage with good leverage. Forster Co-Ax, RCBS RockChucker, Lyman Orange Crusher, Redding Big Boss, Lee Classic Cast. (Hornady must make one too, but I can't remember the model name)

The handgun cartridges beg for a turret press unless you are loading fewer than 100 rounds at a sitting. For producing rounds at an efficient rate, there is only one choice. Lee Classic Turret, as it is the ONLY turret press (other than the somewhate inferior Lee Deluxe Turret) that automatically indexes the turret.

Other turret presses are available and do great, but just not as well as either Lee Turret presses, or as inexpensively.

All the above is my opinion, supported by experience since 1975 loading handgun (9mm, 38/357 45 ACP 45 Colt/454 Casull and 500 S&W) with my Rockchucker, RCBS Jr., Lee Pro-1000s, my friend's Lyman Turret and my Lee Classic Turret as well as a lot of reading. Others disagree with me on some points, but this is what works for me and, I believe, will work for you.

A good full-frame single stage for your rifle cartridges and a Lee Classic Turret for your handgun rounds. Get the Classic Turret first and get loading. Search around for a used Single Stage at a reasonable price. The Lee Classic Turret is adequate for the rifle rounds but the higher-leverage presses in single stage are more rigid and easier to use.

Good luck and thanks for asking our advice

Lost Sheep

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