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1 in 20 twist rate for a sub sonic load?

As a few of you make know I am working on suppressing a 1895SBL (Remilin) I have come up with a load that shoots 500 grain Hornady DGS bullets about 1000-1030FPS.

I have shot it some and so far it seems stable at short distances but I really really really do not want a baffle strike. Will the 1 in 20 twist rate be able to keep these bullets stable at 1000 FPS? I don't need it to stay stable long distance mostly looking 50-100 yards tops.

I wish I could do cast bullets but they are bad for a suppressor that you can not open up (most big bore suppressors are sealed)

most of my shooting will still be with full speed bullets so usially it wont be much of an issue but when I want to "play" with super quiet will the twist rate be enough?
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