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One problem with that.....

I does fit....if anything it's smaller. I checked it with a digital micrometer. I was hoping it was too big. That would of been a cost-less easy fix. I know the bolt drag ring comes from improper cocking/firing/screwing around. Which is my all the ones I've had since they were brand new don't have it

I'm wondering, since this was mainly a display piece....I'll bet the owner and everyone that came in his house got it down daily and "played" with the "neat old gun". Which would account for the bolt drag and maybe the cylinder gouges? I'd wager dropping the hammer halfway, bolt dragging and general screwing around with something you aren't experienced with, or knowledgeable about could cause damage.

Could a new cylinder help? I mean if the notches are wallered out....that could allow the cylinder to turn back.
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