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Great forum! I need some expert advise with equipment. I want to start reloading my rifle and pistol ammo but can't decide which press to go with. Dillon, Lee, or RCBS all look like great presses. I will be reloading small amounts for: 38/357, 9mm, 380, 45 acp, 338 win mag, Weatherby 30-378.
Since you state you are interested in reloading small amounts of ammo in various calibers, I would rule out the Dillon. They make a great press, but it's not geared for small runs. Any of the manufactures' single stage presses or the Lee Classic turret will meet your needs. All of them are capable of turning out excellent ammo. Stick with an O-framed press, preferably cast iron. You'll appreciate the extra rigidity when re-sizing your rifle brass. Beyond that, pick the one you like, at the price point you want and go from there.
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