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Answer to question 1: no

Answer to Question 2: yes, my Ubertis' don't do it at all where as this one (with the hammer fully drawn to the rear as far as it will go) springs forward about 1/16 of an inch or better.

Full dismantling of the pistol reviles better parts fit and finishing than I've ever seen on a pietta before. The hole for the bolt is not only clean but even looks polished, and pressing down on the bolt the spring feels strong. the hand and the teeth on the back of the cylinder have no gouging or burs, the fit of the barrel to frame with the wedge seated it tighter than Dick's hat band and the rifling is mirror shiny and sharp.

Heck...The only flaws I can find on the whole dang piece is a VERY faint line of bolt drag on the cylinder and the bolt notches in the cylinder have a very small gouge on both sides

I'll try to post some pictures when I get home this afternoon. Thanks for everyone's help thus far.
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