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Hogs while fishing..........

Louann and I were running down the St. Johns river Saturday morning ( 25 miles or so south of Jacksonville ) when we spied this guy out doing what pigs do.

He was rooting up the tubers that form the root system of the water plants we call "dollar bonnets"......don't know what their real name is.

We often see deer and hogs out in the shallows of the river munching on various things. And when we are up along the bank scavenging for interesting wood and the like it's the norm that tracks will be encountered.

In fact yesterday we counted not just deer, hog and raccoon tracks but also bobcat and turkey....all had been foraging along in the inter-tidal zone.

I should mention that the river is tidal, usually having 1-2 feet of rise/fall in this area.....sometimes a lot more.

Got to figure more than occasionally a gator gets a fine meal of pork........

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