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If you remember, back on Mar. 2nd, the City of Chicago filed their MSj and supporting documents, by way of paper. This ticked off the court clerk and the Judge ordered everything filed by ECF on or before Mar. 14th.

So what's new? On Apr. 6th, the plaintiffs motioned for an extension to file their response, on or before Apr. 27th. That motion was granted. So Friday, the plaintiffs filed their response.

This is a MSJ and opposition to the defendants MSJ (deja vu? Yes, we've been here before). You can read that pleading here:

Remembering that this case is a virtual plate of spaghetti on the wall, the arguments are done very well. They utilize most all of the pro-2A dicta and rulings, most especially Ezell and McDonald.

The case is fighting:
  • Firearm possession on one's property, but outside the "HOME", ie yard and front porch, etc...
  • Restrictions on firearm transfers (sales).
  • More than 1 functional firearm in the home.
  • Possession of firearms in one's business.
The gun range prohibition was dropped in favor of letting Gura fight that out in Ezell.

Giving the NRA credit, where credit is due, I give this briefing 2 Thumbs Up! It is very, very well done.
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