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A Bushnell Phantom Magnum pistol scope

I bought and mounted on a 12 ga shotgun about 40 years ago has held up to date, without any problems.

It was manufactured in the era of the 44 Magnum pistol's heyday as "the world's most powerful handgun", according to Dirty Harry. The scope's purpose was to tame the mighty 44 mag.

So, when I bought a slug barrel for my Rem 870 shotgun, and found the open iron sights on it to be inadequate for 100 yards shots, I solved the problem by mounting a scope on it. The Phantom Magnum scope, by Bushnell has an oversized ocular lens, and a 7/8 inch tube. The objective lense is also 7/8 inch. The magnification is 1.3X, fixed.

I get a 3 inch pattern (of 12 ga slug) at 50 yards, and 5 inch pattern at 100 yds.

It is mounted on the barrel (thanks to the long eye relief), so when I switch the slug barrel out for a birdshot barrel, then back again, the zero doesn't change.

Would probably work great on your Redhawk, no matter what caliber it is chambered for. But, the 1970's era Bushnell Phantom Magnum pistol scope is probably out of production, so I don't know how hard it would be to find one that someone would be willing to part with. Not ME!
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