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Most dealers well accept a .jpg copy of the C&R through e-mail. Any C&R's owned prior to obtaining your C&R do not need to be entered in the bound book, only when you sell them, do you enter them.

Originally Posted by Don P
At a recent meeting with the ATF they stated that if you buy a C&R firearm on a 4473 instead of your C&R license that you do not have to enter it in your bound book. From the ATF's agents lips to my ears.
I would want a official ATF letter address to my name before I did that. Keeping the bound book up to date only takes minutes.

Why would you buy a C&R on a 4473 and do a back ground?

Originally Posted by Kentucky-75
Go for the C & R license, just be aware that not all dealers honor it. They are perfectly in their right not to. Yes even here in Kentucky a pro gun state, some dealers here refuse to honor it.
They sure would not get any business from me. What is the purpose, to get a few extra bucks for charging for a back ground check?

Some companies, such as Midway, offer dealer discounts with your FFL. Sometimes that can save you $$, though Midway's pricing of late is getting way out of line.

I've found better prices on Amazon than my dealers account at Midway. It used to be Midway was lower than Brownells, but now Brownells is cheaper on most dealer prices.
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