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CCW / CHL methods and equipment reviews?

Hey guys, i am in the process of getting my permit and am really trying to decide what method to go with as far as concealment.

I've been looking online since last october for holsters, cases, straps, etc etc, and ALL of them say that THEY are -the- best one out there, and even show videos and what not "proving" it.

so.... what do you guys recommend?

first thing you'll ask is, what kind of weapon(s)
I currently have a LCP380 which i love... i would recommend that gun to anyone just fyi.

the other i have is a Taurus PT809, which, is a full sized gun.

I really don't plan necessarily to CCW my PT809, it's too big and cumbersome - THOUGH, i think a lot of you out there carry full sized 1911's, so, if you can do that, i can carry this. An advantage to the PT809 is that it holds 18+1 rounds, which is a disadvantage to the LCP holding 6+1.

I load Gold Dot into both though, so difference between 9mm and 380 is nominal with that round (not trying to get technical with that statement. they both work.... really well...)

getting off topic.

as for the LCP, i have a pocket holster for it and it works decently. the only problem is most of my pants are fairly tight and the only place i can really carry it and have easy access and the ability to gain a solid purchase on the weapon during a draw is my back pocket. the problem there is that there are times where the weapon can become exposed. sitting, crouching, bending, etc. front pocket is a pain in the butt most of the time.

every inside the waste holster i've tried has more or less had me fearing accidental discharge... it would make me less of a man to say the least, and they seem to be incredibly uncomfortable for sitting most of the time. the ones i have tried anyway.

i haven't tried shoulder strap types, though i tend to wear t-shirts on the slightly more baggy side which would work well for that, but i wonder about how difficult it is to draw from under a t-shirt.

so basically what i'm looking for is a recommendation and possibly LINKS to what you guys prefer and maybe a little explanation of why you like that type / brand / style etc over the others.

and it's always good to know which ones don't work. lol

comfort is the number 1 concern,
number 2 concern is that, i live in texas. it gets hot here, i work in a hot garage, i really don't want to have cables, wires, elastic bands, duct tape and vel-cro attached across my entire body. heat and sweat would make it pretty darned uncomfortable pretty quick.

-- ankle holsters are cool, and i'd like recommendations on the best of those as well, but, the only think i think of is "Hold on a second please Mr. Mugger, i gotta tie my shoe. OOH look a gun!" anyone that sees you reaching down for your ankle is liable to kick you in the face lol. so in my opinion, the ankle gun is for when you have expended all 19+18 9mm rounds from the taurus, (or it jams) and need to shoot another 13 .380 rounds for good measure.

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