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Well I read the sticky, I have two weeks to decide on the wants and needs part. Then I will purchase the things to be able to shoot the revolver.

Until then my Mod. 67-1 S&W, and my .41 Mag Ruger Black Hawk will be getting a work out.

I remember that the Spanish match lock reproduction that I inherited from grampa was fun shoot. As well as it did get some funny looks at the range. I shot the flint locks that day as well they were fun. Though all of those were cleaned very well afterwards. Then put away into the safes. They get oiled when needed.

This particular BP pistol is the great one due to there are no special attachments to it. It is what it is. A cheap shooter that I plan on shooting the crap out of. Looks like one more to have to wash when I get home from the range. I already clean corrosive primer compound out of 3 rifles every time I shoot them. Now the revolver as well.
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