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The 4th circuit clerk entered the Briefing Schedule, back on 4/18/2012:

Appendix due: 05/29/2012
Opening brief due: 05/29/2012
Response brief due: 07/02/2012
Reply brief (opt): 07/16/2012

Yesterday, the State entered a motion for a Stay short extension to file, citing several commitments already scheduled close to the opening brief date:

04/26/2012 13 MOTION by Appellants Marcus L. Brown, Denis Gallagher, Seymour Goldstein, Terrence Sheridan and Charles M. Thomas, Jr. to extend filing time for opening brief until June 15, 2012; and response brief until July 16, 2012. Date and method of service: 04/26/2012 ecf. [998841658] [12-1437] Matthew Fader
If granted, this pushes everything back by 2 weeks:

Appendix due: 05/29/2012
Opening brief due: 06/15/2012
Response brief due: 07/16/2012
Reply brief permitted within 14 days of service of response brief (7/30/2012)

There's a hint that orals will be Sept. 18-21 and this small extension will not impact those dates.
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