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Hi Doyle,

Not sure what to tell you, I store my jerky one of several ways, but have never experienced mold growth on any of it.

1. Short term (less than two weeks) simple paper bags with slits cut in them to allow air to enter and escape.

2. Medium term (4-6 weeks) glass jar with loose fitting lid.

3. Long term (2-12 months) heavy ply freezer bags, stored in freezer.

I am careful to insure the jerky is sufficiently dry (internally) before storage.. as well as letting it cool and "breathe" for a couple of hours.

In order to avoid mold (most molds) you will need to avoid moisture and air, though air by itself is not a bad thing...provided it can semi-circulate around the jerky.

To that end...the meat must me thoroughly dried (I know you know), allowed to cool (so no condensate forms), allowed to "breath" (any external moisture dissipate). After can be stored successfully for quite awhile.

Of course, atmospheric conditions come into play. Where you and I is typically humid (outside) most of the year, so jerky will not fare as well as it would in say....Arizona.

I don't normally freeze much jerky, simply because it doesn't stand a "snowballs chance" of lasting very long around my house. It is usually consumed in a matter of days/weeks.
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