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For $70, or less..

don't expect any scope to last, "for the long haul".

Sportsman's Guide is selling Pentax Gameseeker scopes, 2 models, for $62.

Whatever you get, it will "last" longer on the .223 (less recoil) than on a .308 or 30-06. That doesn't mean the image will be bright, or have high resolution, or good color definition.

Note that the Bushnell lenses are "multi-coated", not "fully multi-coated". That means that at least the exterior surface of either the objective lens or the ocular lense has at least 2 coats of lens covering. But none of the other lenses have any coating on them at all. RESULT: dim, fuzzy images with poor color separation.

Meanwhile, my Pentax Lightseeker 3-11X43 ($700 MSRP) has seven lens coatings on EVERY surface of EVERY lens. RESULT: Bright, sharp, crisp images from first light to last light, with every color in the rainbow clearly defined.
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