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Originally Posted by Sponge14
I am just starting to learn about NFA and Class 3 weapons and the laws around them... What is meant by Law Enforcement demo units? What are the requirements to purchase these guns? Is this something a civilian can do? ....

That's kind of what I thought too, I was thinking, what was stopping me from becoming a dealer? I really wish they would repeal this ridiculous law...
In order to obtain a LE demo, you need to prove a reason as far as I know, beyond being a dealer first. The letter stating that a LE agency wants to test/evaluate this firearm is simple enough.

I wish we could go back to pre-86 myself, but it isnt going to happen soon.

As far as becoming a dealer, go get your FFL, then get your SOT, its simple and straight forward. You can do it from your home if your local authority does not prohibit a home based retail business.
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