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New toy, new project idea. Legality check?

So I just did some horse trading and am the proud new papa of a Craftsman 12"x36" lathe. It'll take me a few weeks (or maybe months, I'm pretty busy) to get it set up and get comfortable with it, but I'm looking for a relatively easy first project to try... I'm thinking a silencer for my little 10/22 sounds good. I already have the threaded barrel anyway.

Before I file the Form 1, I figured I'd ask about what I want to do. I'm thinking the path of least resistance to a nice finished product would be to spend the $35 or so for one of the fake suppressors that are available online (they're basically just a drilled and tapped billet with a nice finish as far as I can tell), then bore it out, thread the last few CM of the dangerous end, and make an insert that slides/threads in. This should give me a much more professional looking finished product than if I started from scratch.

What I'm trying to find out is whether or not starting with one of the cheap fake suppressors would create any legal issues? Or other issues for that matter. Any input would be welcome.

Thanks all
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