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Picked up a Uberti Schofield have a few questions

Picked up a second hand Navy Arms Uberti Scofield in 45 Colt today, Had been wanting one for a bit. The main thing holding me back was all the Tale of Woe and Misfortune out there. But Picked it up with a money back return if there was a problem.

Placed 221 rounds in her this afternoon and not a single malfunction as well as she was a pretty accurate gun..

So I did feel good about it. The only 2 issues

First I see there does seem to be some overall finish wear on the front of the cylinder which does not bother me unless there is some deeper safety issue behind it. ???

And then on a less bother some issue the only way I could get all the spent shell to eject is to give the gun a pretty firm break, and bending the open cylinder at a bit of a down ward or Side ways angle. If I broke the gun with the back cylinder facing up there would always be a case or two that would need a second break. Is that common???.. I can almost swear that I did hear the voices of Schofield, Smith & Wesson in my ear at each ejection failure laughing and saying "See this is why we used the shorter shell case"

I love the gun so far, But I like shooting the SAA better.. But I like loading the Schofield better

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