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SERPA: flawed design?....

I disagree with part of the last forum post.
The Blackhawk SERPA holster design is not stupid or flawed, IMO.
As I stated, it's sturdy, secure & the polymer material is easy to care for.
It can also be converted to fit different ways or modes quickly(a leather or synthetic holster may not).
I could see & have seen online video clips of how a Blackhawk SERPA could break or be closed shut with dirt or snow.
As I wrote, if you are not in a desert, rolling around or want a fast, safe concealment/carry holster for a metro area, the SERPA CQC is worth checking.
Many armed professionals also use the Safariland SFS/ALS and Blade-tech Thumb-Drive systems. I wouldn't go around calling those firms stupid or dumb.

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