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Add me to the list of those that won't do business from them again on a dare. I looked at the postings, and believed the positive ones.

I ordered several items from them that were "in stock", they confirmed my order, accepted my payment and advised they would email me when shipped.

2 weeks later, no email from them, no change in order status on their website, nothing....I attempted to call them but their automated "Customer Service" advises you to enter the 3 digit number given you by a "Customer Service" representative...if you don't have one and don't enter anything, it just hangs up on you...

I used their email send an inquiry about my that time I was sent a reply that said they were experiencing a delay in getting items from their suppliers...mind you this is after 2 weeks...okay, I'll keep my fingers crossed

Now, a month later, still no merchandise, and after I made contact again, the same delay from a supplier. I have attempted to cancel my order but they simply don't respond or return money.

Avoid these people like the Plague.
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