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I agree with you, but I am considering the political realities of the anti-gun movement. Those people will grasp at any excuse, good, bad, or indfferent, to restrict our rights. If HR822, did become law, then it is quite predictable that, say in 2013, when congress convenes, some of the anti-gun crowd like Schumer, for one, might say something like the following:

"The law now requires all states to recognize other states carry permits; however, some states do not have sufficiently stringent (in Schumer's opinion) requirements for the issuance of those licenses. Therefore, people from other states who would never be allowed to have a permit in NY will be able to carry on our streets. For that reason, we must have a national standard for the issuance of those licenses."

You know that is exactly what Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, and other anti-gun folks in the House and Senate will argue. And, it sounds reasonable at first glance. Nevermind that in their states, only the wealthy and politically well-connected can get permits. Note: I think that argument is garbage, but it might get some traction. To make sure that out of state licenses are legitimate, they might also require that they all be entered into some new federal database. HR822 has some good things, but I don't think that some of its proponents have sufficiently thought through future unintended consequences. That is my point.
Gun laws are designed to extend and solidify the power of an elite over a peasantry.

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