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I've owned a lot of cheap scopes over the years and I've only seen 3 fail.... 2 of mine, 1 of my dads. One was a very, very cheap Tasco, 10-40x that lasted 5 years or so, the other was a Bushnell Dusk and Dawn 3-9 that simply couldn't handle the recoil of a 12ga in a lead sled. My dads was a Simmons that he had on his 12ga that was about $39 brand new. That one lasted a SOLID 20 years. It just broke last year and he had it on his gun when I started deer hunting 21 years ago.

I'd probably pick the Bushnell, though I can't say exactly why. I like magnification, so I might pick the Simmons. It's a toss-up.

How's that for ambiguous?
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