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At the risk of getting tomatoes thrown at me, I'll admit that I have a Barska spotting scope. My rifle scopes and Binocs are almost all high dollar, but I went with lowest dollar on the spotting scope. It works Ok at 100 and 200 yards, but hasn't been used at longer distances than that. It is not a good spotting scope, but it's marginally Ok. And you might even think that it's a decent spotting scope if you never in your life looked through a really good one.

I've used really good spotting scopes and really really bad range loaners, and the Barska is better than the really really bad range loaners. I don't know if you can call that any sort of recommendation. Don't expect too much from Barska and you won't be disappointed. But hey, it works. Whaddayawant for $50 or whatever I paid?
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