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I would have thought that the proper shot would be the chest, hoping for lungs and heart, but based on shooting at center mass instead of the head or neck.
Its a viable shot and depending upon circumstance might be the best thing to do. But experienced hog hunters will often target the neck in order to anchor the animal on the spot.

True I don't know much about pigs, but if they are anything like other animals, the head and neck move around, looking for threats or food.
The head can move around quite a bit (mostly up and down when feeding) and is capable of articulating on the Atlas and Axis, BUT for the most part hogs tend to move their heads laterally....very little.

It has to do with their field of vision which is something on the order of 270° or better. Additionally, their tendency is to turn (the entire body) to face anything they perceive to be a threat or want to investigate.

As a result...the neck (besides the Atlas and Axis moves very makes a good target (the larger the hog the better).

I can see the ear or neck shots to finish them off, but thought the chest shot was the most ethical and offered a higher percentage of kill shots.
The thoracic you would expect, does make the largest depending upon the shooters level of accuracy (and other factors) it might be a good place to aim, but it is by no means the "best" place IMO.

If you do choose to take that shot, remember to aim no farther back than the middle of the shoulder. The classic "behind the shoulder" shot that is appropriate for (most) ungulates, does not work as well on hogs. The vitals are situated somewhat differently.
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