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LoL Manson, I am laughing my ass off... Yea I been looking at the gun sites. I got a little Sig Mosquito on the way home from work today for fun at the range, can't beat those nickel rounds.

The Detective Special to me is dear to my heart, my Mom loved that pistol and I am really sentimental over keeping it in the family.

I was looking at some local firearms for carry, and for carry I would only consider a small revolver for the inherent reliability, no failure to feed so to speak, LoL.. I am seriously thinking about the Smith & Wesson 640 .357mag. I assume all .357's will also shoot a .38 special for target use? I am just assuming from what I have read. I am sure no expert, but that would be sweet for target practice. Actually I would carry the colt special but the large hammer I think would worry me.

Well I just broke down the Mosquito, cleaned and lubed it, ready for the first sight adjustment at the range.. yea its a semi-auto, but shot one the other day and great for skills.

Best to you guys, God bless..
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