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Posts: 7,413 has no special issues that I'm aware of in terms of "the checkout". Nothing special to check that's not found on any other snubby revolver. That's assuming I understand your question and you're talking about a Smith & Wesson snubbie in 32H&RMagnum. You might also be talking about an H&R revolver in 32S&W, and that I don't know squat about.

The 32H&R cartridge is an oddball of sorts. The very hottest loads are almost as effective as 38Spl, a few even come close to a decent 38+P load although not quite. Problem is, the 327Federal has kind of supplanted it and good ammo in 32H&R is getting harder to find. Buffalo Bore is still supporting it though:

On that last load, note the headstamps on the back of the shells: that symbol is Starline brass, meaning Buffalo Bore isn't buying enough of that caliber's shells to make it worth having them in their own headstamp ("BB" I think?). is kinda barely hanging in there.
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