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I guess you consider this thread "ultimate BBQ guns" or something because I despise the term "pimp guns". Anyways, here are two that I thought were special. First, is a full engraved gold inlaid S&W Registered Magnum (the RM was the first 357 magnum of all time, debuted in 1935). This gun had a second barrel added to it to make a set, and that barrel was engraved and inlaid as well. Then someone made a custom case for it with custom tools. It wears custom roper grips as well. It was on display at the NRA convention last year in Pittsburgh. The gun also graced the cover of the Gun digest.

Next is a famous pistol, owned by one of the most hated / famous world leaders of all time, Adolph Hitler. This one was owned by him, not some fake. The grips are ivory, with his initials gold inlaid. This is NOT the pistol he commited suicide with.

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