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Thanks, Al... your patience is appreciated, as always.

I hope I'm not being slightly more dense than usual, but I was wondering specifically: once Judge Legg has ruled on the temporary stay (assuming he dissolves it and the Permanent Injunction goes into effect), will any applicants in MD then have to wait while the 4th Circuit Motions Panel rules before MD will be forced to start issuing permits? Or, worse, assuming the 4th Circuit Motions Panel denies a stay, the SCOTUS version of the Motions Panel (I'm guessing MD will push this as far as they can before being coerced into granting permits)?

I am really wondering how long it might drag out before MD will be held down and made to take the medicine, even as the appeals grind onward... late June? Late Summer? 2013? I realize the appeals themselves will certainly drag into 2013 or even 2014, but if the stays are exhausted (at whatever point that happens), MD will have to start issuing even before the issue is ultimately decided on the appeal hearings, yes? I'm just wondering at what point to expect that... it seems too much to hope for that Judge Legg's decision will be that point.

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