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Mostly I shoot em in the lungs and that works just fine at any range with my 260. With my 223 however, you need the right bullet if you lung shoot em. Before I switched to the 65 gr Sierra GK, I used mostly the 55 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip and that really isn't a great bullet for pig blasting. I had a big one quartering away from me at a medium trot at about 100 yards and I had the Ballistic Tips in the rifle. Well...not the time for a lung shot, but I had an angle shot available right behind the ear. I guess I sent it about an inch high, because there was this big cloud of vapor above his head. No, not the red mist, but more the mud and pig bristle mist. He didn't speed up or slow down at bullet impact. He just kept trotting. That's when I switched bullets. Later, I switched calibers. I was seeing pigs from 60 to 400 yards and the 223 just didn't have enough horsepower to anchor the big ones. The 260 does. So yes, the ear shots are fine, but I think the lung shots allow more margin for error.
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