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DNS wrote:

It does work well, but isn't where the brain stem connects with the spinal chord. Directly behind the ear puts you either in neck muscle or hitting the occiptal
DNS the following is not for your benefit, I know you know your hog anatomy (its your business after all), but for others less familiar.

Exactly right…and that is the “area” I always seek to hit (where possible).

I don’t have anything against “head shots” PROVIDED you are good marksman, the animal is relatively still and the angle is reasonable.

But, if I have a choice…I always take a neck shot. However, what I mean by “neck shot” is shot placement designed to hit (or nearly hit) the Occipital, Axis or Atlas.

In the picture below the simulated cross-hairs would be about right (for the head position of this hog).

If the shot should land a bit farther back….I would still connect with the Cervical Vertebrae, but you have to be careful not to shoot too high on the neck.

All too often a hog hit in such a manner will drop, only to get back up and run off. The reason of course…is that the spinal cord itself was not hit (usually just a dorsal spine).

My advice is to take a neck shot anytime the circumstance permits, it’s a highly effective shot and allows a bit more room for error than your typical head shot (ear canal).
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