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Just this weekend, I came up behind and stood right next to an elderly gentleman who was open carrying.

The fella was carrying a snubnose revolver on his belt at the 4 o'clock position in a scabbard belt holster. I am being liberal when I say the 4 oclock position. It was probably more like at the 5 o'clock position.

He was standing in line at the VERY busy paint counter of a big name home improvement store. He never noticed me standing there for a full five minutes (by my watch) all the while within arm's reach of his weapon. Both of his hands were full holding on to a case of fluorescent tubes and fiddling with his I-phone at the same time.

Observing at how preoccupied this man was and how exposed his revolver was to a simple snatching, I was concerned enough to ask him if his holster had any weapon retention features.

Obviously perturbed at being yanked away from his electronically-induced "condition white" state of awareness, he hesitated. Finally after much stammering, he admitted that his holster had no retention features.

I wished him good luck as he scurried out of the store...leaving his merchandise behind.

If you're going to OC responsibly, at least use the proper holster. Plan ahead, think about what you are doing and maintain the proper level of awareness.
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