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Originally Posted by BoogieMan
To me its just entertaining to watch how people get all flustered while the boss is picking on them.
They turn out some real crap. They were so happy that they integrated a stun gun to a AR (?). All they did was use a couple of U bolts. My 14 y/o kid would have done a better job.
I did however like the Zombie episode and the bull pup stock setup for the 10/22.
The last one I watched, with a coworker, they had a ball and cap pistol with something in the bore. I had just finished explaining how I'de get whatever was in the bore out when “The Boss” blew out a patch by blowing compressed air through the cap nipple. He was sooooo proud he exclaimed, that’s why I get paid the bog bucks. I exclaimed, to my coworker, guess I should be making the big bucks.

If I want to see people making arses of themselves there are lots of “real” comedy shows on TV. Two and a Half Men, now that was funny.
Guns are not dangerous! People are! RKBA!
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