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I wish more people truly understood what it was like to not be free to protect yourself or your family. It's not just an inconvience its an injustice.
Although it seems trite on the surface, if you really feel that strongly about it, make plans not to stay there. I know it's not an easy thing to consider for several reasons and I don't think it's as simple as saying "just move," when it comes down to it- plan on getting out.

As someone originally from MA, I feel your plight. But I got the heck out of there and don't like going back even to visit. And if you do leave, write many letters to the attorney general, governor, DPS equivalent, senators and reps telling them why you left and they no longer have your tax money.

You have to look also at the fundamental differences in shall issue and may issue. NM is shall issue and the only dis-qualifier an otherwise non-prohibited legal alien faces is lack of citizenship status. May issue involves a whole host of other issues.
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