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Guys please excuse my detouring the thread here, I just like to respond to armored. Maybe we can all learn from the experience.

Armoredman,I have been a bit busy. But back to your question we all got out alright. Even the perps thankfully. They all got caught thanks to their sconned mastermind. Like you wouldn't believe it, he was among the neighbors who came over to offer their sympathies. But you know what they say about cops having a sixth sense? Sometimes they can smell a perp. We were heartened by his sympathetic posing, but it caught the attention of one of the investigating detectives . He immediately told us he had a hunch our friend was in on it, and that to try and get him to come over the next day when the detectives would be back again to see if we had any new recollections or discovered what else they took.

So next day he was conveniently there and when interviewed about the prior week snd then he was pressed, he left a few too many clues so they arrested him on a different unrelated charge then let him bond out. His buddies then didnt give him his fair share and he having been the source was so angry when he was offered a chance to help the detectives so they'd go easy on the other charge, he ratted them out but claimed he overheard about their involvement. He was hoping to get them in trouble without implicating himself. He got arrested along with the entire crew. Got charged with receiving stolen property, aiding and abetting, as he was the lookout. The othe 4 guys got convicted of armed roberly and kidnapping. One of them got attempted murder for trying to run me over with a truck. God was with me that night. I fell trying to run away and the truck went over me but I didn't have a scratch on me. I just went under and between the wheels. He would later reveal he was stoned on crack because he didnt have th nerve to do a robbery without a little help.

The guys were not too smart. They started fighting among themselves over the loot and were all arrested within a week. Two of them were barely 20 blamed the older guys but it didn't work in court. They told the judge they did it for money for drugs. That they were misled by their older buddies.

I believe reason we didn't get killed or seriously harmed was because we didn't resist. My mum is very small couldn't physically do a thing to any of them. Myself I was 18y/o teen who didn't have much of a clue what to do. But the whole opening the door thing is strange. I mean I did open the door too, and I still can't explain it. It's weird. You just kind of open it and feel like you are I. A trance. You are not even afraid. I think it might be the mind resigning to the fact that the thug(s) will do what they cme thre for no matter what you do maybe. I used to be scared cat honestly, but when it happened I just opened the door and they came in. We had never ran over that scenario and made plans as a family. If we had, outcome would have been different. I don think I'd ever have been dumb enough to open th door.

My suspicion with this guy is he much like us had never run such a scenario in his mind therefore he had no plan at all. Under pressure, you can't think straight and instead go into auto-pilot mode and react based on prior practice or thoughts so incredibly stupid stuff can happen because from my own experience I can tell you there is not very much thought at all let alone rational thought. You just kind of act.

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